Consign Your Cards with Us

Unlock the value of your graded cards with our trusted consignment service. At Graded Vault, we specialize in offering a seamless and efficient way to sell your prized possessions, whether they are Pokémon cards, sports cards, or other trading card game (TCG) cards, to a wide audience of collectors and enthusiasts.

Our consignment service provides several benefits:

• Professional Listing: We handle the entire listing process, from high-quality photography to detailed descriptions, ensuring your cards are presented in the best light.
• Wide Reach: Leverage our established platform and extensive network to reach potential buyers worldwide, maximizing the exposure and potential sale price of your cards.
• Expert Valuation: Our team of experts will help you set competitive prices based on current market trends, ensuring you get the best return for your cards.
• Secure Transactions: We manage all aspects of the sale, including payment processing and shipping, to guarantee a secure and hassle-free experience.
• Transparent Fees: Our consignment fees are straightforward and competitive, providing excellent value for the comprehensive service we offer.

Whether you have a single rare card or an entire collection, consignment with Graded Vault is the smart choice to achieve optimal results. Contact us today to learn more about our consignment process and get started on selling your graded Pokémon cards, sports cards, or other TCG cards with confidence.