Grading Services

Graded Vault PSA Grading & Trading Card Prep Services

Elevate the value and protection of your trading cards with our preparation & review services. Our expert team will ensure your cards are meticulously handled and prepared for grading to the highest standards.

We offer pre-screening reviews, as well as preparation services.  Submitting through Graded Vault takes the stress and worrying away from you, while also saving you money on annual membership fees.

Grading Prices:

  • PSA Bulk ($500 Max Value): 1-9 cards ($21/card); 10+ cards ($20/card)
  • PSA Regular ($1500 Max Value): 1+ cards ($80/card)
  • PSA Express ($2500 Max Value): 1+ cards ($135/card)
  • PSA Super Express ($5000 Max Value): 1+ cards ($260/card)
  • PSA TCG Bulk ($200 Max Value): 1+ cards ($18/card)

Add-On Services:

  • Pass/Fail Initial Review ($2/card): Our team reviews your cards and filters for 9's and 10's on ultra-modern cards.
  • Full Card Prep Services: 1-9 cards ($4/card); 10+ cards ($3/card)

Estimated Turnaround Times:

  • PSA Bulk: 45 Business Days*
  • PSA Regular: 10 Business Days*
  • PSA Express: 5 Business Days*
  • PSA Super Express: 5 Business Days*
  • PSA TCG Bulk: 45 Business Days*

*Estimated turnaround times are an approximate completion, but not guaranteed.  The estimated turnaround times begin when PSA logs the submission into their system in preparation for the research & ID phase.

Sometimes, a card can receive a grade that bumps it to a higher grading service level.  Graded Vault LLC will automatically approve the up-charges, and reach out to you accordingly to pass that charge along. 

Stay tuned for more details, including how to submit, and where to ship your cards. For more information, please contact us.

Upon shipping your cards to Graded Vault LLC, customer acknowledges that the grading process involves handling of the sports/tcg card(s) by Graded Vault LLC, Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) Grading & Authentication Services, and its employees, which may include potential risks such as minor scratches, wear, or other damage during the review, prep, and complete grading process.  Customer understands that Graded Vault LLC provides grading review services on a best-efforts basis, and results may vary based on their professional judgment.  Customer releases Graded Vault LLC, its officers, agents, and employees from any liability for any damage that may occur to the sports/tcg card(s) during this entire process.